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Who We Are:

The Street Plant Battalion is a Kind, Inclusive, Open-Hearted Community who Love Skateboarding and see it as a Fun, Creative Pursuit, filled with Purpose—a means to a Greater Good! No rules, no divisions, no schools. The Skateboard is the Paintbrush and the World an Empty Canvas. With Open Arms and Open Hearts, Onward We Ride! Skate, Create, Enjoy!

What We're About:

The Garden is a Collective Space, where we Come Together to Share our Stories, Hopes, Dreams, and Values, where we Celebrate our Strengths and Motivate Each Other to Be and Do Better, where we Cultivate Conversations and Connections through Skateboarding. Where we Change the Culture from what it is to what it should be. Wherewith Love and Respect, we Plant, Tend, Plow, Fertilize, Weed, and Repeat.

Here we Grow!

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